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Upholstery is likely to get damaged with time. Upholstery must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Hire the professionals at home in just on call. Our cleaners are available for the best upholstery cleaning services in Highton and it’s all nearby suburbs. We have been serving our customers in Highton for many years now.

We at Upholstery Cleaning Highton offer a wide range of upholstery cleaning services that include couch cleaning, armchair cleaning, sofa cleaning, leather & fabric furniture cleaning many more years. Our latest upholstery cleaning tools help to clean the upholstery in no time. Call us now.


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    Upholstery Cleaning Service Highton

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    Our professional furniture cleaners are trained, certified, and licensed. We use the latest tools and techniques to clean your upholstery. We provide the most effective services. Know some feature of our quality furniture cleaning services:

    1. We provide 24/7 customer service
    2. Our services are cost-effective and affordable
    3. Deliver same-day services in all parts of Highton
    4. We show a quick response in case of emergencies.
    5. Trusted & Experienced service provider

    Microfiber Couch Cleaning Service

    Cleaning a sofa by yourself is very troublesome and it takes a lot of your precious time. But it is not like you can ignore your dirty couch and let it be because dirty couches are home to a lot of bacterias which can make you very ill. As well as a dirty couch will make your whole house look untidy. Upholstery Cleaning Highton will help you in situations like these. We deliver top-notch Microfiber couch cleaning services at an affordable rate. You can book an appointment by contacting us on our customer care

    Sofa Mould Treatment

    If you keep on living with a dirty sofa eventually it will start forming mould. Mould on your sofa makes your couch look very disgusting as well as it is very unhygienic. Mould is a type of fungus. This is why you should get your sofa cleaned by professionals on a routine basis. If your couch already consists of mould you do not have to worry because we are always here for your rescue. You can reach out to us now and we will deliver the same day sofa mould treatment to make your sofa as good as new again.

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    Couch Scotchgard Protection Service

    No matter how much you try to not drop anything on your couch but in the end, everybody stains their couch. Especially if you have children and pets at your home, Staining a couch is like an everyday event. But now you do not have to be concerned because we deliver Couch Scotchgard Protection services to protect your couch from stains and spills. Through Scotchgard protection, it will be difficult for stains and spills to settle on your couch’s surface. So, for reliable services contact us now and we will be available to deliver you our premium quality services.

    Our Couch Cleaning Process

    • Firstly, we pre-inspect the whole situation of your couch’s fabric.
    • Then we do the colour fastness treatment to pick out the best and the safest type of cleaning procedure for your couch.
    • After the colourfastness treatment, we pre-condition your sofa to loosen the stubborn dust on it. So that the soil removal step can become easier.
    • Then the remaining suspended dust is removed from the couch. Afterwards, we thoroughly rinse your couch to make it clean and give it a fresh look. 
    • After cleaning the couch if there are still a few stubborn stains remaining, we clean them with our spotting solutions. 
    •  We apply a stain protector solution on your sofa to make sure that the stains do not settle on your couch. 
    • The final steps involve drying your sofa with our advanced technology. And then we do a final inspection.

    Furniture Cleaning Services We Offering in Highton

    Upholstery Cleaning Highton
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    FAQ’s On Upholstery Cleaning Highton

    Q1. How do you neutralize a sofa smell?

    We have special solutions to neutralize a sofa smell. We use eco-friendly products so you do not have to worry about the aftereffects because our products are organic and completely safe for humans and pets.

    Q2. What gets pee smell out of couches?

    There are many DIY methods that you can use to get rid of the pee smell out of your couch. First of all, soak out the urine as soon as possible then pour some baking soda on it. Baking soda will help to neutralize the smell. If even after the home remedies, the smell remains then you can call us for professional help.

    Q3. Can I use laundry detergent to clean my couch?

    The type of cleaner you should use on your couch should depend on the fabric of your couch. If the detergent will suit the fabric it will leave a stain on your couch. This is why it is better to take professional help for cleaning your sofa because professionals can easily identify the fabric of your couch.