Removing Powdered Blusher from The Carpet

Removing Powdered Blusher from The Carpet

Carpets are the most common décor in everybody’s home. But everything can get dirty at home because of day to day activities. It can be because of food, dirt, dust, or any liquid. It can spoil the carpet, but would you throw the carpet out of the home after that? Of course not, you will clean it. What if this time the powdered blusher has made trouble this time? Still, it can be cleaned at home. There is no need to go for professional cleaning, you can totally avoid it. 

Let Us Know About Some Hacks of Removing Powdered Blusher from The Carpet

Try Vacuum Cleaning –

The first and easiest thing is vacuum-cleaning. By mistake, if the powdered blusher has been spread over the carpet, you can get rid of it very easily. No rocket science is required to do it; all you need is a vacuum cleaner. Start giving the vacuum-cleaner thoroughly to the carpet, most of the makeup blusher dust will get uplift with the help of this technique.

Tip: Limit the vacuum-cleaner only up to the part of the affected area only; otherwise it will spread all over the carpet.

Soap and Water Can Be Effective –

Vacuum-cleaning will help you up to an extent. Still, if there are some remains of makeup blusher you can blow them off by using normal water and soap. There is no need for a professional wash. Neither have you required any commercial cleaner for washing. The procedure is very simple, take a bowl of water and add some water and soap in it. After that, pour it slowly on the dirty part. Take a white cloth and clean the dirty part. Instead of white cloth, you can use the sponge also.


Tip: Wipe on the affected part gently, otherwise, it can spoil the other areas of the carpet as well.

Use Makeup Remover for Better Results – Some stains are really very stubborn. If vacuum-cleaning and soap cleaning is failed, don’t worry. We still have our last card. You can use the makeup remover to get over this problem. But in this trick, you have to be a little careful. Don’t put the makeup remover in access and don’t spread it all over the carpet. Take some drops of makeup remover on a facial wipe, tissue paper, or a white cloth. After that, dab it gently over the stain. It will soak the stain without any trouble.

Tip: Avoid using an excessive amount of makeup cleaner all of a sudden. Perform this activity slowly and gently.

See, how easy is it to clean your carpet which has been spoiled because of the makeup blusher. All the above-mentioned techniques are very easy to do. You can perform them at home without any expert advice of carpet cleaning Highton. Don’t overpay to the commercial washer for this small thing. Try it at home. It’s easy and very affordable. And the best thing is that anybody can do these activities without the fear of any injury and allergy.

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